Troubleshooting indicator lights

Indicator lights located on the dashboard of the car, greatly affect the security and comfort while driving. In principle, these parts help you to find out the conditions that occur in car components, such as batteries, oil, and engine temperature when the car was driven. The indicator light should not be underestimated. If the conditions are good, when the car key is in acc position, all the indicator light is lit. Starting from the indicators of oil, batteries, and if the handbrake is in pulled up position. Moments later, the indicator light should be extinguish when the car engine is turned on.

Therefore you need knowledge about the indicator lights like the things below:
  • If the indicator light remains illuminated when the ignition is turned on, meaning there is a problem in your car engine.
  • If the battery indicator light stays on continuously, there is the possibility of charging the electricity generated is less. For this problem the components that must be considered is the output alternator, the electrical energy produced by these components must be compatible with the electrical load is used. Almost all cars have the same standard about output alternator voltage, between 13 to 15.2 volts. Can also charging the battery power is good, but the indicator light stays on because alternator is not working properly.
  • If the temperature indicator lamp lights up, possibly the radiator is clogged or cooling fan is death. Check also the dynamo stat, whether still functioning properly or not. Dynamo stat work as follow. If the car engine is cold, the dynamo stat is closed. But if the engine is hot, the dynamo stat opens, it is the normal condition. However, if the conditions of radiator is good and the cooling fan is good, the possibility of dynamo stat on car engine were damaged, so the engine temperature is increased.
  • If the oil indicator light lights up when the machine is turned on, immediately check your car engine oil. Does a car engine oil is reduced. If reduced, immediately added. But if the oil indicator light lights up, when engine oil level is not reduced, meaning the damage occurred on the switch, so the switch should be immediately replaced with new ones.

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Matt said...

I have a strange problem and wondering if you can help? When I'm driving and use my right indicator, the light doesn't appear on the dashboard or on the right hand side of the car. Usually, I'd think this might just be the bulb but when I set the alarm, they all still light up. Any ideas? Thanks.

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