The first Ayrton Senna's F1 car auctioned

Ayrton Senna was one of F1 racing legend. The drivers that have the prestige that can be paired with legendary racer today such as Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Coinciding with the anniversary of 52 drivers from Brazil, in the event Silverstone Auction auction conducted the first F1 car deals that he uses which Toleman TG-184-2k 1984. The car is very historic because at first used car could occupy the second position.

Indeed, at that time he has not reached the first podium, but he shows that he has a captivating talent and attracted the attention of fans of this prestigious race like that expressed by the BBC commentator, James Hunt at the time. The commentator says that Ayrton Senna had talent and a great future. In 1984 at the Monaco Grand Prix, the commentators have been see Senna conquer the track the rain although technically finally defeated by the other F1 drivers, who later became the closest rival, Alain Prost.

Indeed later, after his appearance with TG-184-2k is being auctioned, Senna carve 41 victories and three-time world champion until he died tragically at the San Marino Grand Prix 1994. The price offered is closed to those who specifically apply for F1 cars "Toleman". However, informed that the land the jet-engined 4-cylinder 1500 cc with the code 415T 44WR has been fully restored and finally can be had in person after 16 years in particular kept by someone who was not identified.

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