Nissan Juke Shiro began to be marketed in the UK

Japanese automakers, Nissan finally officially released their new product Nissan Juke Shiro, which will be marketed in the UK. The new car is planned to replace the earlier Nissan product, the special edition Nissan Kuro.

In Japanese, Shiro means white. However, that does not mean the car will be performed using white only but in the interior will be predominantly white. Nissan Juke Shiro will be priced at £ 17 695 and will go on sale on March 1, 2012.

Safety features that will be installed on the new car is Dynamic Control System (DCS), ESP, ABS with EBD, Break Assist, and six airbags. In addition there will also be the technology of Nissan Connect, Nissan Advance Media, Climate Control, Automatic Wipers, rear camera, Intelligent Key with engine start button, communication devices, navigation devices and lamps. All of these features are a standard Shiro.

For the exterior, Juke Shiro use door handles made of silver satin leather, mirror cover with additional colors gloss black and installed a set of 17 inch alloy wheels, which beautify the look of the car's legs. Color offered to market like previous variants but added with a unique color variant called the color of Nightshade.

In the interior design, this car using car steering wheel wrapped in leather, shift knob and center consol white. In the car seat adorned with white stitching, as well as some interior elements are equipped with a chrome coating for example at the window frame and the carpet with a new model.

For the engine, Shiro will provide a choice of three engine variants. The first variant is the 1.5-liter diesel engine DCI, which can generate power 108 hp. Then there are variants of petrol engines, 1.6-liter capacity, which can generate power of 115 hp, and the latter is a 1.6-liter petrol engine variant DIG-T turbocharged direct injection which can generate power of 187 hp.

All variants Juke Shiro will use the front drive manual transmission combined with 5 or 6 speed. But for the highest variance Shiro DIG-T 1.6-liter, will present a variant of the All-Mode 4x4-i, that is with four-wheel drive system which will be collaborated with Torque-Vectoring System (TVS) technology and combined with the CVT transmission. TVS is a unique technology of this car variant. Due to this technology can regulate the level of understeer in the car, so providing good handling when driving on an uneven path, but still comfortable for passenger of this new Nissan car.

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