Mercedes Benz 250, 1969, from New Zealand

An account executive of a company from the Tauranga, New Zealand, whos named Gareth Weston feel very fortunate to have a very nice classic cars. The old car is a Mercedes Benz 250 made in 1969. This antique car is more known as Mercy Mini.

According to the man, the car's previous owner have described the stretcher car parts, then painting and restoration back the car. To prepare and restore the antique car, previous owner claimed to have cost U.S. $ 35,000. So no wonder, when the antique car was purchased by Gareth Weston in very neat condition and still good.

After buying the car, the man pleaded not need a lot of money to decorate the car in accordance with his wishes. Modifications made does not change the outside appearance of these vintage cars. Gareth just add a pair of chrome alloy wheels with 150 fingers, 18 inches, lowrider style which is wrapped with Falken Ziex ZE512 tires. The wheel is supported by a lowered Lovell, with KYB shock absorbers.

To maintain the impression of the car as a vehicle gangster in the old days, the car is painted with a shiny black color. As for the engine, 2,500 cc six cylinder engine in line, neatly trimmed with a number of the car in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications are directly purchased from Germany. Mercedes Benz 250 was still using a carburetor, which is fitted with 4 speed automatic transmission.

To complete the final modification, Gareth only require an additional fee of U.S. $ 12,000. As for entertainment during the trip, this antique car mounted Panasonic 6503 2-DIN touch screen which is equipped with a DVD player, plus a speaker package. The appearance of antique cars was not necessary in doubt. The proof is if the car is parked in the car park, not infrequently a lot of people are the photographs in front of the old car.

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