Tips to change car oil independently

Oli serves to reduce friction inside the engine and transmission. So the car can run smoothly and seamlessly. Oli car needs to be replaced regularly, to keep the lubricant viscosity required by the engine, so performance for the engine oil becomes more vibrant. Car manufacturers typically recommend periodic replacement of oil, after traveling 5,000 kilometers. For the latest release of the car, could reach 10,000 km. Customize your car an oil change period, in accordance with the specifications that apply to your car.

The following are the steps to change the oil in the car independently:
  • Place your car at the surface is really flat.
  • The car really in a state of perpetual motion. If necessary, use jack stands to hold the car body.
  • Jack stands must always be installed, when the car was appointed by jack stand. Do not position your body under the car, if the car is jacked process.
  • Always use gloves made of thick and anti-heat, while changing the engine oil. This is to avoid the heat valve cover oil on hand.
  • Provide the necessary equipment.
The process of changing the oil:
  • Turn on your first car for approximately 10 minutes. Then place it on a flat surface and pairs of hand brake.
  • Place the jack, above the hard surface and able to support the car body. After that, jack the front of the car. If you need to chock the rear tires by using a stone.
  • Read the manual vehicles, to know the location of the dump valve oil. Generally located at the bottom center in the bottom of the car. Place the bowl used oil container under the oil discharge valve, then open the valve by using the key opener. Do it with caution, because the oil temperature may be too hot.
  • After that let the used oil to flow out until completely discharged. While waiting for the process, clean the exhaust valves that have been disposed of them. Besides the filling valve is also open for new oil. After that plug the drain valve cover oil. But remember, do not too fast, do it fair.
  • Replace the old filter oil, with the new. Check the seal and add a new layer of thick film to coat the seal. Then put the new oil filter that, and tighten it by hand.
  • After the new filter is installed, unscrew the engine oil, insert the funnel, and pour a new engine oil, in accordance with a predetermined dose of a guidebook. Close again and clean up in case of oil spills in the vicinity.
  • Turn your car for a few moments. Then check the height of the surface of the oil, using the measuring stick (mounted on top of a car engine), add oil if needed.
  • Check the possibility of oil leaks in the sewer and a new oil filter. If there are leaks, tighten it back up until did not detect any oil seepage.

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