System disorder symptoms in a car air conditioner

Because it is used continuously and for the convenience of car drivers, the AC car should be treated with care, in order to function properly. It's the best way to overcome the interference with the air conditioner is to bring the car to a professional technician car air conditioning repairs. But first we must recognize that interference can occur in car air conditioner, so when we took it to a professional technician, the results can be effective. The following are symptoms of disturbances in the car air conditioner you need to know:

Out stinky smell
Causes of car air conditioner out the stench is because bacteria, micro organisms, and fungi that accumulate on the AC grid, especially the grille found on the dashboard. To eliminate odors that bother you, the cleaning can be done by using anti-bacterial treatments. The form is fluid, which can be bought at a car accessories shop. When the mold is clean, the air discharged from the air conditioner can be revived.

The air coming out feels less cold
When AC was less cold, that means working AC power has been declining. Most appropriate for dealing with problems like this is to take him to the car repair shop. The reduced working capacity caused by the leakage of air conditioning, or refrigerant is time to be replaced or added.

Strange sounds
Strange noise coming from car air conditioning compressor could be due to damage. This component is the most expensive part of the AC car. If the bearings on the compressor broke, then the other components will also be contaminated by the metal particles. How to repair is to drain the cooling system, and replace the compressor and other components that were damaged. Usually the cost is quite expensive.

Normal functioning, but there are water droplets
These water droplets are usually derived from the evaporator. Evaporator has a drain pipe, to remove water out of the car. The problem occurs because the sewerage pipes are broken or clogged. So that the water which should come out of the car, a drip in the car cabin. For problems like this, the repair cost is relatively cheap.

Car air conditioner systems require regular maintenance, like other systems on the car. Compressors require lubrication, filters should be cleaned from dirt and moisture. When the filter is dirty, then the system could be disrupted or not working at all. For the refrigerant gas, generally need to be replaced after two years.

For additional information, automobile air conditioning systems are used throughout the year, it will be better and durable. AC that often enabled, will be encouraged to continue to circulate refrigerant. Refrigerant contains a lubricant, which can lubricate the entire air conditioning system and also can make a durable compressor.

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