How to treat brake drum car

For treatment brake drum car, there are some important things that must be considered. Easily be explained as follows.

Brake fluid
Take a look at the disc brake and brake drum. Check the quality of brake fluid, brake lines, and brake. For brake fluid, usually must be replaced or cleaned after the car get distance of 10,000 km. Note this section so as not to empty, and note also the comparison between the front and rear. The front gets a bigger portion, because the part most often used when the car brakes.

Brake lining
To check the brake lining thickness of your car, do it with the help of the handbrake. Hand brake rear brake associated with your car. If you check this way, you should remember during the height of the lever is pulled, as compared with the current position of the lever. If the higher position of the hand brake, the brake means increasingly slim.

Subsequent maintenance mode is a way to clean it. Here is how. Remove the wheel of a car by using the lock bolt. Notice the disc breaks, and loose brake handle, using tools such as hammer or screwdriver. When the brake is dirty, use sandpaper, brush, or brush to clean it. Cleaner the brake, the more powerful and also a good function. After that, apply a grease or lubricant on the metal bracket. But try not to hit the palm of the brakes. After that reinstall the brake and lock.

Hand brake.
Check your car's hand brake in a simple way. For example, if before the car is used, the hand brake is pulled, there was five times sound of "click", it means the car has been in a locked state. But after a used car, and pulled the emergency brake, then you hear "click" more than five times, it means that your car brake is getting thin. What this means is, you have to set back the distance the brake and tromol.

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