Fragrances, car interior and cabin

Many car owners who think the car's interior treatment is not so important. Yet in this room that you are, when you drive your car every time. The car is clean and fragrant make drivers feel comfortable. The most fundamental thing to do is to clean up the garbage as possible from your car's interior room. If there are stains that attach to the passenger cabin, immediately clean up as well. Because the stains left too long will make the difficult to clean.

Interior fragrances, serves to neutralize musty odor that may arise, since the interior space in the car in general is always enclosed in a long time. If the car was left open, could cause the entry and attachment of dust from outside into the interior of the car. To better protect these things can happen, you can buy a car cover that many car accessories are sold in stores.

Here is an alternative that can be used as fragrances, car cabin space:
  • Coffee, pandanus and oranges. When this material is known to have a strong odor. Put the coffee powder in the cab car, in a glass container. After that, leave on for one night. This method is also effective enough to eliminate the musty smell. After the smell in the cabin to be normal, use air freshener smell like pandanus leaf, or orange peel. Place for a few days under car seats, and exhaust after drying.
  • Cucumber. How to use this cucumber is like a juice blender until smooth, then mix it with shampoo or soap, which is used to wash the dirty part. Cabin space will also become more smelling fresh.
  • Powder. Automobile parts in chrome, it looks eye catching, but this section becomes sensitive to dirt. Spent the flow of water droplets or dry already, will leave permanent scars. As a result, the interior surface of the chrome will be visible spots. To clean it can use a powder that functioned like a scrub. Scouring powder with a soft cloth, then rub and clean with a dry cloth.

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