Bad habits that need to be avoided when driving a car

  • When the switch on the car, do it gently and do not get too excited, like stepping on the gas pedal when starting the machine. If done carelessly, it will have an impact that is not good for a car engine, because engine oil has not spread to any surface perfectly engine. Great friction that occurs suddenly, without lubrication is good enough, will cause the car engine life becomes shorter.
  • Use the appropriate gear cars with engine speed. Each number of gears, have the speed or ability of its own. Each number is capped spin machine. Use the gears that are not in accordance with the rpm, will cause the engine to be faltering.
  • Do not turn the steering wheel, when the car stops in the state. If it is too often performed, can damage the steering system, as in the tie-rod and ball joint. Even the power steering seals can be quickly damaged. So do not rush to turn the steering wheel when the car is not running. Perform playback on the steering wheel as the car began to walk slowly.
  • Foot on the pedal-position clutch, when driving a car, is a habit that is not true. If the load driver's foot causing the clutch to be depressed too deep, then the clutch plates will be quickly eroded. So that these components will wear out faster than the lifetime should be.
  • Hitting the gas pedal repeatedly without any necessity, could cause the car to be wasteful of fuel, and can damage the engine. This habit can make the crust in place of combustion engines become more numerous. This need not be done, because the gas pedal goal is to support the speed of the car and to provide driving comfort.
  • Do not forget to use the engine braking effect (engine brake) at the time of braking. Besides being more secure, these habits can also save the brake the car. Reduce braking habits with objects that are too close, making the brakes work became more severe.
  • To use a more precise wiper is by spraying the water first. Because the coarse dust which stick on the windshield can scratch the glass if it functioned immediately, without spraying it with water first.

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