Abruptly turned off the car after driving, is a bad habit

One bad habit that should be avoided when driving a car is avoid deadly car engine in a hurry. If this is done continuously, will cause engine damage. For more details, described as follows.
  • We turned off the engine, do not immediately turn the ignition key to the off position, and pressed the gas pedal hard. This is very influential on the car engine lubrication. When high speed, the engine needs better lubrication. But because the machine is switched off immediately, although there was still some oil on the wall of boring (home-cylinder), then the lubrication of machines to be reduced. If bad habits are often performed, then the machine will be worn and damaged.
  • Turn off the machine after driven in high speed, is how to use a less precise. At the time the car is driven in high speed, race car engines kitchen work very hard, so the engine temperature becomes high. In high temperatures, the components in the engine expands. If you suddenly turned off, then it will be damaging the cylinder wall.
  • Machines that are required to do high speed continuously, it must be stressed. This condition makes the machine state becomes unstable.
  • Habit turned off the engine suddenly, after driving in high speed, can lead to rapid wear of piston ring, then the damage will continue to decrease the compression, so the car engine becomes less powerful.

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