Tips to clean car carpet

Condition of the car cabin would become dirty after use thousands of kilometers to accompany our daily activities, including car carpets. Because car carpets are located at the bottom of the car cabin, of course make it dirty faster, because being trampled. It certainly should not be allowed, because with few tools and a simple method, the condition of the car carpet can be made clean again so that a durable and long lasting.

Most cars use a carpet of velvet material, which has a bunch of dirt power is high enough. If dirt is left, besides looks filthy, dirt leftovers could invite cockroaches nesting in the interior of the car. If ever there was a cockroach wandering around the cabin cars, we can be sure that there is nesting colony of cockroaches that have been in the cabin. Therefore, clean car carpet regularly as follow:
  • Clean the car carpet using a brush or small broom. If the carpet is not too dirty, use a small brush or broom is sufficient to clean up leftover food stuck to the car carpet.
  • Continue the process of cleaning car carpets using vacuum cleaner, because it effectively suck the little dirt stuck to the carpet, including carpet side that hard to reach by broom or brush. Now has been sold in the market, a vacuum cleaner that can be used with an electric current from car lighter.
  • While for cleaning stains caused by the former beverage spills on carpets, the cleaning process do require extra treatment. Likewise, if our children are experiencing vomiting in the car. The process is used to clean the spillage of the liquid first. Then brushed using a brush and water. Do not forget to dry first, so the car carpet does not smell.
  • The process of removing stains on the carpet can be done using a special drug carpet cleaning, which is sold in the market. How to use it fairly easily, namely by spraying cleanser on the car carpet that affected stains, than cleaned by using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth has advantages over ordinary cloth. That is not only able to move the dirt, but microfiber cloth can suck dust. So that your car carpet can be cleaned in perfection.

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