Rubber windshield wipers care

Car windshield wiper, is an important component to support the safety while driving. Wiper function is vital when a car driven in rainy conditions. Because the wiper function is to sweep rainwater from the surface of the windshield, so the driver can see into front. One component that windshield wipers should be checked regularly is a rubber wiper. Checking it is to know whether the rubber on the wipers still elastic or not. If the rubber has hardened, the wiper will not give maximal function as it should.

Rubber wiper hard and inelastic is a sign that the rubber wiper is already time to be replaced with new ones. Sign rubber wiper is not functioning is there is dew on the windshield swept by the wiper. So the result of cleaning is not perfect. In addition a hard rubber wiper can scratch the windshield, so that it can impede the driver's view.

Sunlight hitting the car windshield, making the windshield surface temperature increased. Because the wiper position, attached to the windshield, of course heat will flow to the rubber wiper. It has become common knowledge that heat can damage the rubber. Effect of changing weather that hit the rubber wiper, made it becomes inelastic. Because at the heat temperature, rubber wipers to expand, while during the cold, the rubber wiper became shrunken. Continuous temperature changes ultimately make the rubber wiper becomes damaged.

To keep the rubber wiper from from windshield surface, you can simply position the wiper lever in an upright position when the car was parked, even more when the car was parked in hot areas. To be more safe, choose a car parked in a cool place. Install the car cover on the car when the car was parked in a long time, can also protect the rubber windshield wipers. Because these steps can prevent a rubber wiper from drastic changes of outside air temperature continuously, which can damage the wiper rubber elasticity as described before. In addition, you also can buy a car accessory that is used to support the rod wiper, so that the rubber wiper can easily be dissociated from the surface of the windshield when the accessory is turned on. Car accessory like this has a lot on the market.


Ted said...

Thanks for this tips. I have recently changed my Windshield, since it cracked due to the cold season.

Kelvin ANg said...

Cool tips, a very good blog to refer to when you need the guidance to care for your car :)

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