Maintenance of power windows

Although the movement glass of power windows on our car only two directions, up and down, the performance of power windows need regular maintenance to keep it working properly. Problems that often occurs is usually a process faltered up and down the glass and glass tilted position, so that power window could not close perfectly. If the problem occurs is the glass clogged, usually caused by dirty rubber glass and rails of power windows. If this were allowed, could lead to damage to the motor power windows.

The best care of car power windows is every six months. Especially if your activity is often through the dusty road. Actually, to care rubber glass of power windows fairly easily and requires no special workshop equipment. You can do independently at home, and here some maintenance ways that can help you:
  • Prepare the silicone spray that already common sold in the market, but avoid penetrant that actually can invite the dust back to the rubber glass.
  • Note the condition of rubber dust barrier, along the bottom of the glass, including the rubber attached to the door frame. Spray the gum line along the glass, until evenly so that the dirt that settles to fall out. It also can restore the rubber glass be flexible again.
  • Open the door trim, to look after the inside power windows. Be careful with plastic clips, not to break. Open the plastic cover, with the release of glue along the edge of the plastic. Then look at the tracks, which contain steel wire to go up and down the glass. Apply new grease as needed if the conditions of the old grease is dry and dirty. Do not be redundant, so grease spreads do not contaminate the glass when it is used.
  • Also check the plastic glass holders. Tighten if it feels loose, and position it so as not to tilt the glass. If there is slope of the glass, the glass will make the movements become sluggish, and the glass could not close perfectly. The process of tightening plastic glass holders, do it with carefully. Because of the age factor could make plastic cracks easily.
  • Try moving car power windows with install the switch button first. If you already feel sure that there is no longer obstacles, continue to close the plastic lid back power windows.
  • Spray contact cleaner on the sockets of power windows button, until clean.
  • Electrical sockets that dirty can make power windows glass movement becomes imperfect. In addition it may cause electrical short circuiting. Then finish the job, with power windows reassembly in accordance with step by step.

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