How to care for car body paint

To take care of car body paint, many people choose the shortcut, and it is less precise. Namely by using the drug car body polishes. In this way it could show results within a short time, but if done too often, the result is going to diminish the car body paint color. There are several treatments a good car body paint, other than occasional use of drugs polishes. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Be aware and pay attention to weather conditions. Try to park the car in place of the roofed, so that cars avoid direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight and constantly, will damage the car body paint. Likewise, if a car hit by rain. If rain water is not immediately cleaned, can cause mildew streaks on the car body paint. At night, avoid direct contact between the cars with dew, because it can accelerate the rusting on the car body. If you do not have a car garage, use a tarp or bag the car, as a cover at night.
  • Do it the right way to wash cars. Avoid washing the car by using diterjen. Chemical substances in diterjen, in general, can diminish the brilliance of car paint. We recommend that you use a special shampoo car wash, easy to get on the market. However, if it does not exist, use shampoo or bath soap, provided it does not contain diterjen.
  • When washing the car, should prevent foam soap or shampoo for too long clung to the car body, especially if the car washing process carried out under the sun. Because it can cause spots on the car body paint. So if you wash the car, immediately rinse the foam soap or shampoo.
  • Car washing should be performed at the condition of the car body in a state of cold. The best place is the open and shade. When finished rinse the entire car body, immediately dry using a soft cloth. Starting from wiping the glass and the top of the car body. If you have an air pump, used to spray the car body grooves, which is difficult to reach by hand, making the remaining water becomes completely lost.
  • Try your best to avoid spillage of fluids from the car body that can damage car paint. An example is the brake fluid, liquid oils, and others. When liquid is spilled, clean immediately.
  • If there are fine particles or dust on the surface of your car body, clean them using a feather duster. Since the purifier is quite smooth, and not hurt the paint car body.
  • Do not expose your car from UV rays. The trick is to park your car in the shade. If you would park your car in the long term, we recommend using a car cover.
  • Wash your car regularly, the best time period is every two weeks. It is very necessary to avoid congestion and pollutant particles that can damage the car body paint.
  • If necessary provide a layer of wax to give a shine coating, while protecting the paint layer of car body from UV rays directly, and also avoid the other pollutants. Do waxing every three months, to get the best protection for your car body paint.

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Garry Brei said...

Taking care of your car's body paint is challenging. It is a good idea to follow this to avoid any problems concerning your car's body. Take note that you must not use too much force when cleaning your car or else it might hurt the body paint. If some part of the paint has been removed, do not paint it up by yourself or else you might regret it later on. Just take it to the nearest body shop and they'll do the job right.

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