Check air pressure of tire

Air pressure in tires is very influential on driver safety. Therefore indispensable routine inspection to air pressure in the car tires. In addition, the appropriate tire air pressure will make the life of car tires into durable. According to some test data, if you can keep the air pressure in accordance with the provisions of a car tire, you can save a further 3.3 percent and save on fuel costs. How do we detect a tire pressure?
  • If wear occurs in right side and left side of tire, it's mean that air pressure in tires is too low.
  • If wear occurs in the middle of tire, meaning that the air pressure on your tires is too much
  • if occurs differences wear between the surface of the wheel, thick and thin, it can happen because of weak shock absorbers on your car.
  • If tire wear is on the inside surface only or on the outerside only, meaning there is a problem spooring on the cars.

Determining car tire pressure should be in accordance with the provisions that have been determined. Check your tire pressure regularly within a certain timeframe, and immediately add the air if the tire air pressure decreases because of usage. The following are things that you need to know associated with car tire pressure:
  • Checking the air pressure in tires can be done with the tire pressure gauge. Add the air, if necessary in accordance with the appropriate size.
  • Tire pressure that too high make car to be less comfortable to drive. It can accelerate the wear rate at the top surface of the tire. Moreover, it can accelerate the damage to some parts of the car, especially at places where the connection.
  • Tire pressure also should not be too low , because the edges of the tires will wear more quickly than the other tires surface. In addition, the car gets heavier to drive and create a wasteful fuel consumption.
  • Tire pressure, can be estimated by looking at the tire shape. However, you must train your ability to see in the appropriate tire pressure for your car. Namely by comparing the field tire surface, between tire and road. Best done by looking from the side, so the results more precise.
  • In the dark, the most practical way to measure air pressure in car tires is to give a blow on the tires. Whether it's using a hammer or using a leg kick. You have to train this ability by comparing the sound of tires and hard reflection happens. Tire pressure that too low, will give a heavy sound and weak reflection.

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