Care for the car door

The car door is a very important part of the car, because it affects your comfort while driving a car. However, often, the maintenance of the car door unnoticed. This condition can cause damage to the car door, which is quite severe. For example, if the rail glass is weak, then rain water will get into the cracks of a car door, the result is, components of car window movement become rusty. So that the movement up and down of car window becoming heavy. Even not rarely, creaking noise when the car window is moved, or car window could be a sudden loss. Other damage can happen to the car door, is the damage to the door handle. If a lubricant for the mechanism to open the door to dry, then the door will be difficult to open. And it can inhibit the access in and out of the car.

Therefore, do the best care for your car door as below. The best maintenance is once every six months.
  • Provide the necessary equipment, such as plus and minus screwdriver, brush, diesel fuel, grease, and spray lubricants.
  • Open panel cover (door trim) with the glass down to bottom position. Open the door handle screws using a screwdriver plus. Then lever off the car window player gouged out by the pin.
  • Open the panel door with gouged out, using a minus screwdriver. For cars with power windows, disconnect switch first. After that look at weather strip glass, clean the dirt using a cloth and diese fuel. Wait a few minutes until dry. Or it could be the cleaning process is done by using soap, and after a dry, clean with a cloth.
  • Clean teeth regulators, and do by using grease lubrication. Do well on the driving gear motors, for cars that use power windows. Also lubricate the door of the player's arm.
  • Check the regulator balancer shaft, and upper and lower rails, the driving shaft regulators. Clean up with diesel, then lubricate with grease.
  • If the glass window of the car door happened slope, set back position by raising the glass and a half, then loosen the two balancer bolts, at the bottom. After that push the car window toward the back, then re tighten the balancer bolt.
  • Then look at the car door opening, on the outside. Check whether there was a shift if enabled. If there is a shift, lubricate these parts using a spray lubricant.
  • Check the door lock rod of iron, especially at the bottom of which is a mover of car door key. Clean if corroded or dirty, then lubricate with spray lubricant.
  • When you're finished, do the installation of back panel of the car door. For cars that use the power windows, do not forget to reactivate the switch first.

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