Tips to care for car body

To maintain the look of the car, basic maintenance to be done is to wash the car. However, gains from the car wash not only to beautify the appearance. Washing your car regularly can also keep the car body from corrosion attack. It would be better if the washing process carried out in the shade.

Also do not forget to polish car body. The process seems as trivial. But the waxing process is able to give protection to the paint to make it more durable. Perform waxing twice a year will provide maximum results.

Actually, to treat the appearance and freshness of the car is not expensive and cumbersome. Some important parts of the car, such as maintaining freshness smoothness body or cabin, you can do when you're off work. Materials needed to treat car body is also easily available on the market. If necessary you can take advantage of some ingredients from the kitchen, and also your wife's dressing table.

If your car body having problems with freckles like moles, due to hit the highway asphalt splashes, clean using a soft cloth, so as not to scratch the car paint. While the glue used to clean the remaining stickers, use a liniment. Remember, do not use this liniment on the car parts made of plastic, because it can lead to bubbles that are difficult to remove.

Rust can occur in the form of tiny dots on the car body. However, the resulting reaction can be like a cancer, which undermined the metal car body and chassis of the car. Never underestimate the small scratches or dark spot, or peeling paint from the car body. These points can be a source of rust. If you find such a point that should be fixed. In addition to the above steps, do not miss the car body care on a regular basis also needs to be done. Washing and waxing a car body, so that your car paint can be protected.


Brady Cartee said...

Maintaining the looks of your car is one hard task, but it has its own reward once you're successful. When washing your car, checking the products you will use is a good idea, because some cleaning products are harmful to the car's body paint.

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