Spark plug car care tips

Automobile spark plugs have an important role in the process of combustion, to generate power so the car can move. Spark plugs are necessary components of the vehicle to start the engine. This component serves to generate an electric spark to burn fuel and air mixture within the engine cylinder.

A good spark plug is capable of working in high temperatures and pressures. Because of work directly related to car engines, spark plugs can be used to find the cause of disturbances that occurred in a car engine. Therefore, when you clean the spark plugs on a car, you can also check if your car engine is still excellent, or not. This can be done even if only by observing the head of the spark plugs the car.

  • The car engine was still called normal if the tip of the spark plug insulator, and electrode light gray or reddish brown. This shows that the conditions and setting the car engine is still in good condition and in accordance with factory standards.
  • If you see the end of the insulator, electrodes and spark plugs covered with black soot, waste burning, dry but soft, you should check the machine settings or injection, choke mechanism and air filters. If necessary, you replace the spark plugs your car with spark plugs that are better suited. Because there is less likely to pass on these components. Disturbances in these components will result in a black car exhaust fumes, gasoline became extravagant, and the car hard to start when cold engine conditions.
  • If a car spark plug insulator tip a little light brown yellow, or green color sometimes appears a bit wet, it does show that gasoline and car oil contaminated materials, such as water, or use a less suitable additives. Consequences can be felt in the car is the engine becomes halting and slow to accelerate when fully laden vehicle, or automobile exhaust explode because the cars fuel is not burned out completely (misfiring).
For the best car spark plug care, some mechanic experts recommend that spark plugs car always cleaned after the car traveled 2500 km. To turn a routine spark plug, best done at the time the car traveled 10,000 km to 15,000 km.

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rajput said...

Every car needed maintenance and essential and regular check-up service. Exhaust system and fuel system should be updated, people should be careful about their cars service and other requirements, it's important for car's long life.
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