Regular maintenance on car brakes

Car brake is the main cornerstone for the safety of drivers, especially in times of rain. Therefore, for the peace and safety of your car brakes do maintenance on a regular basis. Starting from the examination of brake lining, disc, brake tromol, brake fluid, and brake master. If the brake is thinning, do not delay to replace them with new ones.

Performs maintenance on the brakes when the car is completed through a puddle of water, is also important to be done. The way is quite simple, namely by spraying water around the calipers, discs and brake lining. The goal is to remove the sand, which stuck around calipers. It is important to note, that the sand can cause corrosion, and can erode the car components. In addition to watering by calipers, care for the long term, can also be done by adding brake fluid cleanser.

The last thing that must be considered in order to brake the car continues to function well is regular maintenance. For brake fluid, should be replaced every car take distance of 10,000 km, while for the brake lining, usually need to be replaced after traveling the distance between the 20,000-25,000 km (to car with automatic transmission), and 40 000 km (for car with manually transmission). Do not forget to check regularly the condition of the car brake fluid every two weeks.

How to clean the brake tromol of the car, because of the rain?

Water mixed with dust, sand and dirt, which enter into the brake, will settle into the mud. As a result, brake tromol of the car can not function optimally. The symptoms appear from a car that does not brake sharply when used. Clean brake will always work well and live longer. How to clean the brake tromol of the car when the rainy season, can be done in the following ways:
  • Prepare a minus screwdriver, sandpaper, fat, brush, spanner and jack
  • Jack your car and open wheels.
  • Open the brake the car, taking advantage of available traction hole in each brake tromol with the bolts sized hole. Use a wrench to turn it, like the movement to tighten bolts, so shut off by itself brake tromol.
  • Open the lid brake, and clean the dirt which accumulates on the surface of the brake shoes. Also remove residual dust brake, due to braking.
  • Use sandpaper to remove dirt, sand, or dirt it evenly.
  • Spray droppings with the wind by using a compressor, or a broom with a medium size brush, brake shoes on the surface, and all parts of the brake tromol of the car.
  • Apply grease to the points between the brake shoes and plates, to prevent squeaking sound when the car brakes.

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Brady Cartee said...

Some people often forget to check their car brakes and some major road accidents are caused by it. A good driver knows that checking everything including the brakes is their top priority before driving. If you don't know how to maintain your brakes, you can ask a mechanic to teach you how.

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