How to treat a car battery

Age of car batteries is very dependent on the method of treatment during the lifetime of the battery. Car battery is not necessarily a bad quality, though no guarantees. Maintenance is easy as, considering the height of water in car batteries, are treatments that can not be overlooked.

Battery lifetime is influenced by several components, such as alternators, dynamo starter, and the battery condition. The right car battery maintenance is performed every three months. If the alternator performance is interrupted, the supply of electricity to the car battery may also be disrupted.

Similarly with the dynamo starter, ignition. The biggest expense of car battery when the car is turned on, because the battery pack is not in the process of charging from the alternator, but it gets loads of dynamo electric starter which is very heavy. To find out, you must use a special tool, which can read the conditions of electricity supply from a car battery.

Do not forget the condition of battery terminals, because if dirty, will impede the flow of electric current. Meanwhile, to check the battery supply from the alternator, at least need a tool called multitester. Put the battery terminals multitester on the head, then see the value of issued battery when the ignition is turned on. Amounts shown in multitester must achieve a minimum of 13 volts, or more. Here is a car battery maintenance steps that you can do:
  • Keep the battery water quality and quantity. Water battery must be in a position between low level and upper level, which is normally the sign on the battery box. The function of the water battery is to help cool the battery cell. If the battery is not enough water, there will be changes in the battery cells, which is curved, whereas the battery cells that is both parallel and perpendicular. Curved cell battery, can cause short circuiting, for positive and negative plates in contact. The result is a car battery is not able to store electricity.
  • Perform checks on car battery terminals. Check whether there is corrosion or not. Corrosion on car battery terminals can be cleaned by hot water flush on the battery terminals. Then check the wires positive and negative, since it can cause loose or baggy. Corrosion and loose wires conditions make electric conductivity is weakening, so the currents flowing into a small starter motor. Flows that are too small will not be able to rotate the engine. Put grease on battery terminals to prevent corrosion.
  • Finish driving the car, turn off the electrical components of the car first, before shutting the engine. For example out of the car lights, air conditioning, radio tape, CD player, and others. The aim is, to burden return the focus to the car battery starter system, when the car will be brought back to life.
  • If the car is not used in a long time, unplug the negative terminal, so that a shock in the car battery is not continuously decrease.
  • Bring your car to the garage the car every three months, to check the condition of electric car charging.
  • If you are going to fix the car components associated with electrical systems, disconnect the battery beforehand flow.

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