How to cope with scratches, berets, and used stickers on the car body

Today, the higher the road density. Even in some of the formerly deserted roads by vehicles, is now increasingly crowded with vehicles. Conditions that cause the car body defects or scratched easier, because grazed by another vehicle. So also with the bad road conditions or uneven, it can cause a car hit by pieces of gravel, so that your car paint defect. If the condition of the car is experiencing this, and continue left, then the car body will experience a serious injury. Can even become a source of rust on the car body. If you experience problems such as car body damage above and you want to avoid serious problems in your car body, you can perform the following steps.
  • If you only scratched the car, use a white compound, which can be bought at a car repair shop. By using materials majun (jerseys), rubbing the scratch on your car body using a white compound. Let stand for one minute. Then scrub with a clean shirt to use scratches disappear. To restore the car back shiny paint, basting with the material body polishes, which are also sold at many auto repair shop.
  • When the skin (surface), paint peeling, so that the putty becomes visible, close the section with paint color in accordance with your vehicle. Use a small brush. Once dry, basting with the yellow compound, then rub it several times with T-shirt material. The next step is to polish with lustres kit car body paint.
  • For this type of damage a bit heavy, so the basic car body paint a bit torn, emery section until completely clean, to prevent corrosion. Your first emotion painted with anti rust materials. Wait until dry, then seal with primer. After that, polish by using the original color. After dry, basting with white compound. Rubbing until the color is similar to the old paint. Do not immediately wash the car after a parked or used in hot weather, because it can damage car paint.
  • To eliminate the former stickers, prepare the necessary equipment, such hair dryer, cloth, eucalyptus oil, compound, and drug polishes with containing waxes or silicon. Use a hair dryer, to facilitate the removal of stickers. Then clean the residual glue that stuck with using eucalyptus oil. Remove dirt by rubbing the paint surface. After that, rubbing the sticker marks the visible stripes, using the compound until evenly, wipe with a soft cloth. Do it slowly so as not to be scratched. Let the compound is attached to the car body for two days to absorb. After the compound is absorbed, rub until there is absolutely no visible scars. Polishing with wax, wait until a week and see the results.

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