Detecting damage to the cars power steering

Damage that often befall the device of power steering on a car is the problem of leakage. This causes the oil to be reduced, so the pressure will be decreased. As a result, the steering wheel feels heavy to be played. If the steering wheel is forced to play through, it will arise the noise.

Components of power steering in cars which are often damaged is the seal. Damage occurs in general because the lifetime is already too long. Constant pressure when a car being driven, making the old seal, being torn. It often occurs in the seal steering rack. Symptoms of damage that can be felt is the steering wheel feels heavy and usually there is a drop of oil on the bottom of the car engine.

The easiest way to detect such damage is to look around the surface of the rack, filled with the lubricant. If this is allowed, can cause damage to the other power steering components, because the liquid is progressively reduced. Before the damage is getting worse, replace with new one. The number one set is consisting of 10 pieces seals.

Seal the others who are also often broken, is the seal on power steering pump. Symptoms of damage are also quite similar, namely the steering wheel becomes heavy and often run out of oil. How to know it is also quite easy, that is by looking at the condition of the pump directly. If around the power steering pump there is oil, meaning there have been leaks.

The next step is checking the oil hose. This fluid channeling device if bent or broken already vulnerable, could cause the contents of oil on car power steering be reduced. Mode can be done to detect is by paying attention to the end of the oil hose, whether it wet by oil or not. Especially for the fastener hose, use a fastener that can not harm the body hose, make it more secure. If the damage is left alone and not repaired, it will cause damage on the fan pump. Because it is not lubricated by oil, then tip the fan will also be scratched due to friction. If the damage is getting worse, that is so etched wall fan, you should replace it with a new, relatively expensive price.

Other cars power steering disease, caused by lack of lubrication is, axles steering rack is scratched, because there is no maximum lubrication. To see it, look at the surface of the axles, with the opening of the protective rubber, it is usually wet with lubricant.

Hopefully the above tips can help you to detect damage to the power steering at the car earlier. In addition to reducing the risk of further damage to the power steering car, also can save your money for the treatment of your car power steering.

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