Tips to choose car engine oil

Engine oil plays an important role to minimize the friction coefficient of contact between machine elements, a cooling agent in the engine room, avoiding the rust, make sure to avoid wearing the surface elements, and many other important functions.

When the engine is operated, engine oil will always be in the environment that the machine has a high temperature caused by the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber. Combustion processes cause oxidation and lead a radicals or compounds that can cause a decrease in the quality of automobile engine oil. In this case, that perfect combustion is key to maintaining long life and quality of car engine.

Car Engine elements such as piston ring and cylinder liner, end of connecting road, cam nose and rocker arm, are the elements that touch each other. Lubrication conditions in the engine room must be responded to by one type of automobile engine oil only.

For the lubrication of the surface, the high viscosity engine oil which would be better suited to protect from the elements wearing. But high viscosity engine oil which can be a barrier for machine elements that move. So that it can reduce fuel efficiency of the system of the machine itself. Conversely, car engine oil viscosity is low, or dilute, very good for the fuel efficiency cars, but it likely will damage the machine elements due to the greater inter element friction.

Therefore the machine is conditioned to be able to respond to the conditions of lubrication is needed. For example with the addition of specific combustion catalyst conditioning on a machine.

For new cars, used motor oil is not an issue. Because the new standard engine, the average car can receive the same engine oil as it has been determined. But is not the case with used cars. Although the brands of cars and oil used is the same, the result of used car engine oil usage can vary between one another. It is influenced by the historical use of engine oil each used car. With a variety of engine oil is used, then the rate of wear of machine components used car can be different from each other.

Because if the wear rate of different components of the car, the used car will also need a different engine oil. So like or not, if you have a used car, you should try some car engine oil, before you can find what is the most appropriate car engine oil for your used car.

Therefore, if your car is used car then you should consider matters relating to oil, so that the results of your car engine oil consumption can be good.
  • Engine oil flush. Drain grease and dirt inside the car engine with a special fluid (engine flush), before you replace car engine oil.
  • Replace oil filter. Replace the oil filter your car with an original oil filter.
  • Replace Oil. Pick of the original oil and recognized quality.
  • Transmission oil flush. Drain and replace it with a new transmission oil in accordance with the recommended factory standard.
  • Flush Power steering oil. Drain and replace with new power steering oil.
  • Brake oil flush. Drain and replace car brake oil.
  • Clutch Transmission Oil Flush. Drain and replace car couplings oil.
The indicator shows that your car engine oil is suitable to use to your car:
  • The smooth sound of car engine.
  • Lap car engine become light and responsive.
  • Car Engine temperature stable.
  • Evaporation of used motor oil minimum.

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