Tips to care car tires

Car tire care is necessary in order to make tires become long life. In addition, well maintained tires can make a comfortable car to drive, and the factors that affect safety while driving. How to care for car tires, can be explained briefly as below:
  • Perform a routine check on your car tire air pressure at least once every month, especially when you are going to travel far. Car tire with less air pressure, will cause the tire to be easy to heat, which caused greater friction between the tires with asphalt road surface. The result is a faster tire wear, and may endanger the safety of the driver.
  • Try to be memorized proportional air pressure required by your car tires. Usually the size of the tire air pressure indicated on the inside of your car door. In addition you can also see it in the book the vehicle owner.
  • To make measuring your tire air pressure becomes more valid, do check the tire when the tire temperature cools. If your car is finished to travel long distances, wait at least three hours until the temperature became normal on the tires.
  • Measurement of the surface of the tire, can be done using a coin. The trick is, put the coins in your car tire treads. If you can see the whole picture of the coin, it means you have bald tires and need to be replaced immediately.
  • Keep your car tires from the hole in the road. Because pit road is a big, can damage your tires. It also could alter or disrupt the balance of the car tires.
  • Make your schedule to exchange the position of your car tires. For example swap the front tires with the rear tires, or exchange the right tires with the left side tires. Should be done after the vehicle has reached a distance 6000 miles. In this way can make the overall condition of the car tires into uniform and make the life of car tires to last longer.
  • Check the balance of your tires periodically, to avoid a run tires that are not stable.
  • Notice the weight of cargo that is loaded by your car. If the load exceeds the maximum capacity of car, can cause excessive pressure to the tires. It is dangerous for cars tires and also for drivers.
  • Car tire sizes and tread patterns must match. In at least one axle has a brand as well as the same characteristics.
  • Use tires with the same construction. For example the tire of all the materials of polyester or steel.
  • If car use tubeless tires, must be mounted on alloy wheels which are reserved for tubeless tires. Vice versa. Since this type of automobile tires using the tire, but using tubeless wheel rims, will result in reduced air pressure. Meanwhile, if you choose to use tubeless tire type, do not be forced to use the inner tube. Because at high speed, hot air in car tires will quickly rise and the effect is a car tire can explode at any moment.
  • Notice also the condition of the tires you use on your car. How to recognize the condition of the car tires is to look at the instructions TWI (Thread Wear Indicator). Make figures as the benchmark measure of the TWI. After that, try using a ruler to measure the thickness of the tire grooves. If the thickness of the tire groove is less than 2 mm, should immediately replace your car tires.
For additional information, for those of you who like to travel with your car, there is nothing wrong if your car tires are given a bit of liquid cement. The function of liquid cement is glue back a car tire that punctured with sharp objects, such as a nail.

If you are worried that the liquid cement will damage the inside of car tires, get rid of your worries. Because instead of liquid cement will protect the inside of a car tire, and at the same time protect alloy wheels from scratches.

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