Services and Tune-up procedures for a used car

The important thing to be done to maintain the condition of a used car is well maintained with regular tune ups. But the tune up process should be conducted with a systematic way and in accordance with the procedures, so as to obtain excellent results. The procedure is usually contained in the manual or service manual car.

If you do a tune-up is not according to the procedure, then often there is damage to your car just as the cars finished in the tune-ups. Therefore, the note is a good thing that there are some below, to avoid errors during tune ups.
  1. Try not to use a fake car parts, with the reason because it's cheap. This reason it will become a boomerang for us in the future. Because the counterfeit parts can reduce the performance of the car, even it can also cause damage or wear of the other car components.
  2. Do not use carbon cleaner (carbon deposit cleaning materials) when the combustion chamber clean car, because it will stick to the electrode spark plugs and could cause the car to be faltering.
  3. Use of carbon cleaner is recommended for cars that are often used in everyday life in the city, but rarely used to travel long distances and high speeds. Having completed a long trip, only then may use the carbon cleaner cars. The trick is to open the spark plug and clean all the deposits attached to the electrodes.
  4. When removing the spark plug wires on a car, do not switch routes the spark plug wires. Check the spark plug by using ohm-meters. Appropriate size are each 1200 ohms to 25 mm.
  5. When installing the spark plug back, your hands must be dry and not wet to prevent short circuiting. When inserting the spark plugs, try not to bang the cylinder head, because it can change the spark plug gap. Change the spark plug gap can affect the engine performance.
  6. When installing a new platinum in a car, do not be polluted by oil that is usually found on the rotor, because if platinum until exposed to oil it will cause a surface fire prematurely. Use silicone grease lubricant specifically for platinum rotor.
  7. Checking oil in the car should be done routinely. Do it in a flat area. To check the oil, wait until the engine has cooled. Because if the engine oil is checked immediately after the ignition is turned off, then the used oil is still much that remains on the machine. This will cause the amount of oil be inappropriate.
  8. To check the oil in a car, use an oil gauge milestones. Pull the oil measuring milestone and clean with a cloth, then re-enter as deeply as possible to obtain precise measurements. Then pull the oil measuring milestone and observe carefully. Oil must be between marks F (full) and L (low). If the car oil is reduced, add the oil with the same viscosity level. Number of oil right there should be around the mark F.
  9. Note the quality of oil. If the oil had changed the color, the automobile oil should be changed immediately. See instructions on car maintenance manuals, usually written instructions during oil changes, every six months or after the car traveled 5000 km.

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