Maintenance injection system on the car

One of the problems on cars that can cause the car suddenly broke down is because the injection system damage. The cause could be due to injection system components on the car to crash or malfunction. Therefore injection systems in cars also need regular maintenance, which should be done every 5000 km. Good maintenance on injection system is very influential on the performance of your car. Here is a component of car must be serviced to care for car injection system.
  • Fuel filter. This component contained in the engine room and made of metal. Dirty fuel filter should be cleaned using high pressure air. However, if the fuel filter is too dirty, you should immediately be replaced with new ones. Because if left and not cleaned, it may cause damage that eventually spread to the fuel pump. Usually marked by the car engine sound become noisy and the tone is not stable.
  • Air filters. This filter works to filter out dirt and dust from the air, so that could make air entering the engine combustion chamber to be more. Inhibition of the air will cause incomplete combustion and wasted fuel. Because its function is as a filter, air filter of course has to be clean of dirt or dust.
  • Throttle Body. Components of a car that is also susceptible to dirt. The result is acceleration of the car becomes less responsive. If dirt has accumulated quite a lot in the section called throttle position sensor, then spin the engine will be crippled in the stationary state. Cleaning the throttle body related to the cleanliness of the air filter, because the source of dirt in the throttle body caused by air that sucked into the car combustion chamber.
  • Injector nozzle. Hole injector nozzle has a small size. These small holes may also clogged by dirt crust, so that spray fuel on the car could be disrupted, and the discharge remains to be reduced. The result was a car engine revolution becomes unbalanced, and cars become unresponsive.
  • CO setter. Perform readjustment in the gasoline supply system, air and ignition on the car. Use a measuring device of CO, to know the process of combustion in the engine. So that can be known whether the process of combustion in your car engine is efficient or not. Ideally the value of CO should be under one percent.

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