How to treat a car clutch

Here are tips for caring for your car clutch, because this car component is one manually transmit car component that work hard enough when the car is driven.

If the clutch pedal of your car is stepped full, but the gear can not be moved and there is sounds inside the gear, then it is a symptom that the clutch of your car can not be separated perfectly. Car clutch friction (not removable full) can be detected by measuring the distance the clutch pedal car with the car floor. In general, the distance the pedal car that trampled on the floor of the car is 20 percent of the distance when the car is not stepped on the pedal (released).

Here are some causes that make coupling cars still rub:
  • Distance between the clutch pedal to the floor of the car was too short.
  • To clutch the car is driven by hydraulic pressure broker, chances are there is damage to the car's hydraulic system. The damage could be due to oil leakage at the clutch, piston damage on the main cylinder, or clutch release cylinder cars, and also because of the air or steam at the car's hydraulic system.
  • Damage to the surface of the clutch or car plate clutch.
  • There was wear of the cylinder release or clutch release bearing cars.
Automotive clutch device which is very vital role in the car manual transmit. Its function is to connect or disconnect the effect of car engine speed with transmission. Automobile clutch parts most often get wear is the clutch disc.

So also functioned as transmission gear, the clutch should always be able to withstand the motion rotation. When this section is damaged, then your car will not move at all. Meanwhile, if there is damage to another part, a result which is the only common cause clutch pedal seemed to vibrate.

Therefore, you must ensure that the clutch on manual transmission car you can still function well. Follow these steps to care your car couplings:
  • Do not ever let the clutch oil car reaches the minimum threshold. It would be better if you do not let the clutch oil diminished one bit. Although in theory, there is a minimum limit of the available oil clutch.
  • Replace the clutch oil every 20,000 km the car. It would be better if you replace the clutch oil car before exceed these limits.
  • Do not step on the clutch the car too long. Because if too often this is done then the clutch plates will experience the heat, so the possibility to happen so much faster wear.
  • For road climb that usually takes only half a step on the clutch, use the emergency brake assistance on your car.
  • Immediately wash the bottom of your car if exposed to water or mud. Because of corrosion on the bottom of the car can cause interference with the function of a car clutch.


Eric said...

Thanks in providing ways on how to take care of one's clutch. I just had my car checked at Santa Ana. Used cars and even new ones need maintenance. Even the
used car dealer (Orange County-based) advise car owners to have the clutch checked everyday before using the car.

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