How to fix a car that frequently broke down

The car that broke down, is one of the most frequent events encountered by the rider. The incident is of course very unpleasant, especially if you're pressed for time to get to your destination. Not to mention the added fact that you are not well aware about the intricacies of the engine. Surely you are so full of suffering, if your car has broken down suddenly on the road.

To cope with these events, there are simple steps you can do yourself to fix your car without the need to the car repair shop. These tips are useful, especially for those of you who do not know about car engines. Here's how.
  • Check power at the coil car, make sure that it is connected or not.
  • Look at electric distributor of car and stick to the car body. Then your starter car and check if there is a power (electric spark) or not.
  • If there is no spark, check your car on platinum, whether dirty or not. If dirty, wipe out those platinum.
  • Repeat the second step, if there are already electric spark, it means that your car is ready to run again.
  • If the above steps have you run a car but you are still on strike, please check your car fuel. The trick is, take the bottle, then enter the fuel line to the bottle, then turn on your car. If you are out of gasoline through the hose, then your car fuel system is still functioning properly.
  • However, if the fuel did not come out, it means that the filter or the fuel pump of your car is dirty. If this happens there is no other way, you should bring your car to the nearest car repair shop.

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