How to fix a car engine overheat easily

If your car engine had overheated, you must know in advance about what factors could cause the engine overheated. Basically, the engine overheated due to two factors. That is because the radiator is leaking and because of the engine cooling system that does not work optimally or damaged. For the second factor, do try a more reliable way of rectification as follows:
  • Open the engine cover your car, and then decide on the cable connecting the AC condenser.
  • Cables AC condenser on a car that has been lost, you can connect with a cable machine condenser.
  • When everything has been installed, do not forget to remove the magnetic compressor car. This cable position is usually located not far from the AC compressor.
  • After everything is finished is connected, you try to start the engine and air conditioning.
Basically, the tips above can be done on the principle that your car can move back to using cooling system that comes from automobile air conditioning condenser. This means that your vehicle is able to move towards the nearest car repair shop. Although, of course you can not enjoy the cool air conditioning in your car when traveling to the car repair shop.

The above tips can also be applied to cars that use electro-motor cooling system. Of course it can also be done if the electro-motor car in conditions not good or demage.

Tips fixes the second is if the car overheated radiators caused by a car that worked less than optimal. If this happens, you do not immediately open your car's radiator cap. But turn off your car, then wait a moment until the temperature cools your car's radiator. Once cold, open the radiator cap, then enter the cooling liquid or water. Try as filling water into the radiator, your engine alive. In other words, you must turn your car engine before the car entered the radiator coolant.

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