How to fix a car engine is turned on hard

Usually there are two things that cause the car can not be turned on. First is a battery that has been in the electrical system is less good condition. Second is the dynamo linstrik supply problems in the ignition system conventional. Maybe the car is not good platinum. If the latest technology, the chances are not good cars CDI. Especially for the problem of CDI, the car needs to be brought to the workshop and require mechanical assistance, because the problem of CDI, including complex and difficult to handle alone.

The first step you need to do is to check the car battery. On the upper surface of the battery, there are indicators that show the latest condition of the battery. Which indicates whether the battery in good condition, is damaged, water or battery is empty. If, after review, your car is still difficult to be turned on, could be a problem your car is in the platinum, or condenser. This problem occurs usually caused by a plate on which platinum has been dull so it can not capture the spark of electricity.

So that platinum could return to function properly, use sandpaper to remove dust or plaque attached to the platinum plate. When you're done, plug it back into position.

Platinum that had been cleared, it usually will be able to lure back the spark so big. If not, then platinum was not used and must be replaced.

The next step is to check the fuse box car. Note, if the fuse is inserted still intact or not intact. If the fuse wire connection has been lost, meaning the car fuse must be replaced. If an emergency, such as your location far from where the car fuse seller, you can use a wire or fiber cable to connect the circuit breaker. But it was done only for a while, not intended for permanent replacement. Therefore it replaced as soon as possible, when you have successfully reached the garage with your car.

The last thing that usually causes the engine can not start, is because the supply of fuel or less air in the carburetor system. This means that your car carburetor filter is dirty.

Check out these strainer carburetor revoked by the filter, then clean with a brush or toothbrush. Do not use a heating appliance such as hair dryer and the like, because it can damage the walls of the carburetor air filter car.

If all checks and maintenance procedures have you run, but will not happen developments in your car, take your car to the nearest garage, because the cause of your car can not start, could be due to other causes are more complex.

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