How to care for an automatic transmission car

Automatic transmission car is easier to drive than cars with manual gearbox. But this device requires extra attention and care as compared with the manual transmission device. If your car uses an automatic transmission, see the following care instructions.

Time change of oil:
  • Automatic transmission car requires lubricants are always in the standard level. You should consider the replacement automobile engine oil schedule in a serious.
  • Lack of lubrication, although it was not until they run out, can cause damage to the automatic transmission system.
  • According to the car maintenance instruction, oil changes done every 40,000 km, but there is term also an oil change at 20,000 to 30,000 km.
Keeping oilpan:
  • Notice oilpan (oil reservoir tanks) located under the car. Oilpan on automatic transmission cars tend to be down, so the possibility to hit bumps in the road like a rock or speed bump getting bigger. If this occurs, can cause fluid leakage of oil.
  • Leakage of oil can stop the mechanism of the automatic transmission.
  • If an oil leak, the car should not be forced to be ridden.
Lever in position N:
  • The automatic transmission shown the letter D (drive) and N (neutral). Move the car gear lever to position N when the car stopped at a traffic light. This is intended to prevent wear and fatigue for the driver to not hit the brakes.
  • Do not use the D model with the brake pedal. It would likely accelerate the wear of automobile components associated with the automatic transmission system.
Enable On in the overdrive device of the car:
  • If you enable Off, then you can only run the car in gear position 1, 2 and 3, while the 4th gear is not used. This will cause your car fuel consumption to be wasteful.
  • If you are running On, then you can take advantage of gear ranging from 1 to 4. Thus, consumption of fuel your car will also be more efficient.

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